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Cosmology of Domain

I've hammered out the basic gist of how the universe of Domain is organized , so I want to lay these ideas out here. At its core, I want the cosmology to reflect the concept of body, mind and soul, with each plane being linked to one part, while the core world at the center mingles all three together.

The "main" world of Domain is called The Endless Seas. It's the equivalent of the normal, natural world we see in real life - minus the fantasy elements of course. The Endless Seas are exactly what the name says: an ocean that extends infinitely in all directions. Floating on this ocean are large continents, which are where most of the events of Domain take place. Each continent hosts its own nations and people groups, allowing for wide variety when designing new cards and mechanics for future sets.


Below The Endless Seas lies The Abyss, a world of purely matter and energy in its most primal forms. And when I say "below" I mean that quite literally. If one were to swim down far enough into the ocean, or delve too deep into a cave, they would eventually find their way into The Abyss. As a purely physical world, The Abyss connects to The Endless Seas through physical points of entry. There are no clear rules on how this world works; solid rock can burst into flames or dissolve into gas on a whim, it seems, so traveling through it can be quite dangerous. All matter and energy in The Endless Seas originates from The Abyss.

The next world is one that I haven't settled on a name yet, but it is a world of pure abstract thought, rules, and systems. The influence of this world is what tore The Endless Seas away from The Abyss at the dawn of time. The entities that reside in this world sought to impose their systems onto the matter of The Abyss, thus creating what we would call physics. Through their influence, The Endless Seas were stabilized into a world of predictable cause and effect, paving the way for the next group to put the finishing touches on creation...

The Heavens are the final piece of the puzzle. This world of symbolism is the home of the deities, who saw the handiwork of the other worlds and sought to take the systems and rules of The Endless Seas and marry them with meanings. Thus, they created languages and used them to speak biological life into existence. They created day and night, and set seasons in motion. Eventually, the deities created a divine spark for their creations and formed the mortal races to house these souls. Each deity finished by imparting the divine gift of language to their progeny and giving them commands to live by.

In the future I'd like to work these three worlds into the design of the game, but how that happens is still up in the air. Maybe resource types beyond the normal five can be used to represent them.

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