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Steps of a Turn

To begin the game, randomly decide who takes the first turn, then each player draws a hand of seven cards, then chooses five of them to place on the field face-down. These face-down cards count as 0/2 territories. Each player then draws back up to seven cards.
1. Draw -
Draw the top card of your deck. If you
    take the first turn, skip this step on that turn.

2. Refresh - Turn all of your expended cards

3. Build - You may play cards from your hand and
    activate abilities of cards on the field. You may
    also play one card as a resource per turn.

4. Combat - Attack with any refreshed units
        Declare Attackers -
Expend each unit you
            want to attack with.

        Declare Blockers - The defending player may
            have each of their refreshed units block one

        Deal Damage - Attackers deal damage equal
            to their strength to their blockers, and vice-
            versa. Unblocked attackers deal damage to
            their assigned territory, and that territory deals
            damage to the unit equal to its strength (if any).

            Any unit or territory that has been dealt damage
            equal to their size is destroyed.
5. Rebuild - Same as the build phase.
6. End - Remove all damage from units, then pass
    the turn to your opponent.

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