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The Domains


The Blue domain is characterized by an insatiable thirst for knowledge. A Blue society glorifies explorers, researchers, inventors, and historians above all. Their citizens are almost always well-educated, regardless of class.

When used responsibly, Blue principles are constrained by ethical codes. Their advancements in both magic and technology are used to benefit society as a whole, while diplomacy and negotiation is the rule in dealing with foreign powers.

The nefarious side of Blue manifests itself among those who adhere to no morals or ethics in the pursuit of knowledge. Such people think nothing of performing tortuous experiments on sapient beings, or even inflicting mass atrocities in the name of progress.


Black civilizations are defined by their unparalleled ambition and innovation. A society with Black values is full of entrepreneurs, creators, and investors who constantly compete for their dreams of wealth, power, or glory.

A Black society is healthiest when fair competition thrives and power is decentralized. The constant churning of innovation feeds a type of economic natural selection where the cream of the crop always rise to the top.  In such communities, natural equilibriums form quickly, even when the status quo is upset.

When a Black society goes bad, its people will use any means to obtain power and wealth. Organized crime runs rampant and competition is - quite literally - cutthroat. To outside nations, war is always a threat if a Black kingdom decides that it wants an empire.


Red is the domain of passions and artisans. A community that values the Red domain is full of artists, craftsmen, musicians, and philosophers. Beauty is the most precious currency among these people, and those who create the most beautiful works wield the most power.

The virtue of Red values lies in their ability to inspire benevolence among people. Well-reasoned philosophy and thought provoking literature form a solid moral foundation that artists and musicians find ways to portray in more tactile art forms.

A malevolent Red society merely trades morality for depravity and beauty for sensationalism. The artists of a decaying Red culture create works only to shock and offend, while their philosophers abandon reason for emotion.


The domain of Green is for those who value harmony and tranquility. Monks and shamans are often held in high esteem, while farmers and builders form a strong backbone for a Green community.


A healthy Green society rewards honest work and punishes the lazy. When everyone pitches in, a Green community becomes exceedingly healthy and prosperous. Charity is one of the Green's highest virtues and any who fall on hard times can expect support from their family or neighbors.

A Green civilization falls prey to corruption when its desire for conformity becomes rigid and unforgiving. Xenophobia runs rampant there and anyone who disrupts the status quo is punished severely. Outsiders had best steer clear entirely.


White communities are those that value industry and organization. These nations are filled with people who have a strong work ethic and a healthy respect for authority. Hard work will take anyone far in a White civilization.

A proper White community is an efficient, well-oiled machine where workers are treated fairly and leaders are held accountable. Laws and rules are enforced uniformly without being over-burdensome in their number and complexity. White militaries are always highly trained and disciplined.

White civilizations turn rotten when rulers and bureaucrats burden the people with excessive rules. Hierarchies are rigid and work is unforgiving in these places. Oppressive caste systems are often employed, making some people second-class citizens, if not slaves.

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