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Parts of a Card

Card Parts.jpg

1) Card Title - You've gotta call the card something! A deck may contain up to four non-basic cards with the same title.

2) Formula Bar - The number and types of supplies you must spend to play this card. A number in a white circle indicates that any color of supplies may be spent to pay for that amount. This card requires 2 supplies in total - one green, plus one of any color.

3) Card Types - Contains the types, subtypes, and supertypes of the card. Units, Artifacts, and Territories enter the field when played. Spells  go to the scrapyard when played, unless they are attached to a permanent. Cards with the Quick supertype can be played at any time. Subtypes allow for thematic interactions with other cards.

4) Strength - The damage a unit or territory deals in combat.


5) Size - How much damage you need to deal in one turn to destroy a unit or territory.

6) Rules Text - Any special abilities the card has. For spells, the rules text automatically happens when you cast them. Other cards may have passive abilities, triggered abilities, or activated abilities.

7) Resource Mode - Describes how this card functions when played upside-down as a resource.

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