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The Endless Seas

A seemingly infinite number of continents drift on the currents of the Endless Seas, but only those courageous or foolish enough to plunge through the Abyss will ever see more than a few in their lifetimes.

Kirinoth Map.jpg

A mountainous continent dotted with woodlands where dwarven clans rule trade in the west and orcs tribes pillage settlements in the east.

The Mistgate Confederation combats the tyrannical Goldbottom clan with help from their elven allies from the isle of Oceanreach. Meanwhile, the city of Eastport constantly struggles to maintain trade with other continents in the midst of the orc-infested Sandlands.

The massive Silkenwood Forest dominates the south of the continent where tribes of elves, orcs, and trell contend with each other over land and resources.

The Abyss

Beneath the Endless Seas lies the chaotic elemental plane of the Abyss. The Abyss is a constantly shifting world where the raw elements of nature clash to create impossible landscapes. Primeval elemental lords rule the Abyss by crafting stable kingdoms out of the chaos.

The Abyss connects to the continents of the Endless Seas at points of natural disasters where the chaotic plane spills over into the surface world. Earthquakes, maelstroms, tornadoes, and the like can all rip open passages to the Abyss, creating a portal for all kinds of elemental beasts to crawl out of.


The laws of nature are more malleable in the Abyss, as well. Some natives of the Endless Seas have learned to traverse the plane in ways that can turn years' worth of travel on the surface into just a few days or weeks of traversing the Abyss. The services of these Abyssal Navigators are in high demand among merchant vessels and explorers who are brave enough to trek through the dangerous plane.

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