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Attach - Put one card underneath another card on
    the field.

Counter - Prevent a card from resolving.

Destroy - When a face-up permanent is destroyed,
    it goes to the scrapyard. A face-down territory is
    added to its owner's hand when it's destroyed.

Expend - Turn a card clockwise, onto its side.

Field - The field is where resources and other cards
    go when you play them. Also used as a verb
    meaning, “put onto the field.”

Mobilizing - When a unit is fielded, it's mobilizing
    until your next turn. While mobilizing, a unit can't
    attack or do anything that would require it to be

Permanent - Any card that stays on the field.

Refresh - Turn an expended card upright.

Resource - A resource is a card played upside-down.
    They add supplies to your stock when expended.

Scrapyard - The discard pile.

Stock - Your stock is where supplies are stored
    before you use them to pay costs. Your stock
    empties between steps of the turn.

Supplies - Supplies are used to pay for most of the
    costs on your cards. They can be Blue, Black,

    Red, Green, White, or Colorless.

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