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Anatia Tenneseph

Anatia is a cleric in the service of the god, Kelamir and an officer in the Mistgate Confederation's military. As the daughter of Mistgate's High Priest, she has been entrusted with the secretive task of searching for a new prophet of Kelamir. Her task is aided only by the prophetic dying words of the previous prophet, her old elven friend, Serrik, and his partner-in-crime, a sorcerous sellsword named Rythen.

Serrik Hallenen

Although Kirinoth is his home continent, Serrik has never let himself stay in one place for long, and boasts a great deal of experience in traveling the Endless Seas. He is skilled in several traditions of spellcasting, thanks to an apprenticeship to a powerful mage as a young elf. In battle, he wields a spellblade - a sword that's specially crafted to be receptive to enchantments - and a wand attuned to his spellblade, allowing it to share the blade's enchantments.

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