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The Human Race


The average Human stands between 5 1/2 and 6 feet tall, with skin that covers a wide range of shades of brown and beige. Human hair ranges from black and brown, to lighter shades of blonde and reddish-orange.

Human sport a wide variety of hairstyles, but usually the men prefer shorter hair, while the women tend to wear theirs longer. Human men often sport facial hair as well, but they tend to keep it fairly trimmed, unlike Dwarves. Some choose to go completely clean-shaven.


Before the dawn of humanity, the Lords of Heaven resolved to fashion a body of flesh, each according to his own desires and purpose, for together they had forged the mortal soul to inhabit the world.

Now, while the gods troubled themselves with clever schemes and wise doctrines, with which to formulate their children, Hedakir, youngest of the Lords of Heaven, saw the folly of their ways, saying to himself,

"My brothers seek to craft ideals and philosophies for the soul to inhabit, for they are old and set in their ways. Only by flesh may one inhabit the world, so must our children be made of flesh! I will fashion a form from the flesh of the beasts and gift it with a soul!"

So Hedakir fashioned such bodies. From bone, breath, and blood, he fashioned them, and he also bound to each a soul, giving it life and will. And so he called his creations "human" and said to them,

"Expand and multiply! Spread to every land and make it your own, for the world is wild and must be subjugated!"

And to his brothers he said,

"Bear witness, old fools, for one does not inhabit the world, but by bone, breath, and blood! Forsake the old things, and embrace these new ways, lest my children take all lands for their own!"

And so, many of his brothers plotted against him, for they were filled with jealousy.


Combat is the primary focus of Orc societies. Their creator deity commands them to train themselves in the arts of combat, so Orcs often work this into nearly every aspect of society. Some Orcs societies actively seek warfare, but the call for battle may also manifest as personal duels, hunting, gladiatorial combat, and sometimes even games of strategy that simulate battle. Due to their predilection for war, Orc civilizations rarely make good neighbors. Almost without fail, they come into conflict with neighboring races, which usually escalates into an all-out blood feud over the generations. Sometimes, Orcs can mingle with other races, if their thirst for battle is sated through constructive means. These Orcs that live in multiracial societies tend to make up the bulk of the military and law enforcement. They may also fight for sport, or work as mercenaries.

Since Orc women are so much smaller in stature, they rarely participate in the combative parts of Orc society. The women tend to pursue more scholarly activities, such as alchemy, spellcasting, and strategizing. As such, they may still be found on the battlefield in supportive roles, healing, empowering, or directing the male combatants. Depending on the culture, they may be viewed as higher or lower status than the men in their tribes.


Warfare is central to the Orcs' way of life, and they have a wide variety of ways to go about it. No matter which method they choose, however, an Orc fights without fear of death, since the doctrine of reincarnation is an important part of their religion. Regamoth tests each soul to determine if it's worthy of entering his heavenly kingdom, and if not, he sends it back to live life again. This leads some Orcs to use deliberately suicidal tactics, which often shock their adversaries with sheer brutality.

Orcish equipment can vary greatly, depending on the particular culture, but most Orcs prefer large weapons that would be unwieldy in the hands of weaker races.