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The Orc Race


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Orcs resemble well-muscled humanoids with skin colors that range from orange, all the way through red, yellow and green. Their hair tends to be nearly black, but with tones of red, purple, and green.

Male orcs are significantly larger than the females, being about a foot taller than the average human male. Females are a bit smaller than their human counterparts, but tend to have much more athletic builds. Facial features also vary, with the males sporting a pronounced under bite, with tusks jutting from the lower row of teeth. Both genders feature an upturned nose, though it's more pronounced on males. Orc ears have no lobes, or any clear distinction from their jaws, and taper to a point at the tips.


In the beginning of the Dawning Age, the Lords of the Heavens came together, and they conceived a new creation, which they called the soul. Now the soul was without a body or mind, so each resolved to fashion a vessel to contain the soul in its worldly journey.

Now, as Regamoth, the Orc-Father surveyed the mortal creations of his brothers, he saw that they fashioned vessels in accordance to their own whims. So, he was filled with disgust, and said to them,

"These souls we have forged of dreams and ideals, and they bear great power, yet none of you seek to build a weapon for them to wield? Vain are your ways, that you would forsake the survival of our creations to please your own eyes and egos! My children will be a harsh people, one who may prevail against our enemies in body and spirit. Now gird your own children, my brothers, for mine will test them at every turn!"

And so the Orc-Father set to work, crafting the flesh of his children from the most fierce of the beasts from all creation, and he imparted to them a wrathful mind.

And thus, Regamoth commanded the Orcs, saying,

"Go into the world and strengthen thy selves, for none will enter my domain without a harsh test! He who prevails will be honored among his ancestors, but should he fail, I will cast him back into the world!"

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Combat is the primary focus of Orc societies. Their creator deity commands them to train themselves in the arts of combat, so Orcs often work this into nearly every aspect of society. Some Orcs societies actively seek warfare, but the call for battle may also manifest as personal duels, hunting, gladiatorial combat, and sometimes even games of strategy that simulate battle. Due to their predilection for war, Orc civilizations rarely make good neighbors. Almost without fail, they come into conflict with neighboring races, which usually escalates into an all-out blood feud over the generations. Sometimes, Orcs can mingle with other races, if their thirst for battle is sated through constructive means. These Orcs that live in multiracial societies tend to make up the bulk of the military and law enforcement. They may also fight for sport, or work as mercenaries.

Since Orc women are so much smaller in stature, they rarely participate in the combative parts of Orc society. The women tend to pursue more scholarly activities, such as alchemy, spellcasting, and strategizing. As such, they may still be found on the battlefield in supportive roles, healing, empowering, or directing the male combatants. Depending on the culture, they may be viewed as higher or lower status than the men in their tribes.


Orc Pikemen.jpg

Warfare is central to the Orcs' way of life, and they have a wide variety of ways to go about it. No matter which method they choose, however, an Orc fights without fear of death, since the doctrine of reincarnation is an important part of their religion. Regamoth tests each soul to determine if it's worthy of entering his heavenly kingdom, and if not, he sends it back to live life again. This leads some Orcs to use deliberately suicidal tactics, which often shock their adversaries with sheer brutality.

Orcish equipment can vary greatly, depending on the particular culture, but most Orcs prefer large weapons that would be unwieldy in the hands of weaker races.

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